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Our Process

We break down projects into four phases. Each phase has its own set of deliverables. Through the proposal process, we’ll craft the right solution for your project.

Discovery is based primarily on uncovering what your project is about, your user needs, and your company goals. We acquire all assets from you as well as begin setting up the website framework with content structuring & wireframes.

We create a web style guide to set the tone & consistency for all elements, colors, and interaction for the project. The design phase solidifies the aesthetic feeling of your project & organizes all the tools to ensure that development goes smoothly.

Development is where your project truly starts to come to life. All designs are implemented into a web format. This phase includes a development environment on a live URL that you can view & track progress while we’re completing the code.

Upon approval of the development environment, we run through a final round of quality assurance on multiple browsers & devices. Finally, we reach the most rewarding day in the process: Launch Day.