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Project Description


FleetMover.com is an online classified site for commercial vehicles & trailers.  The goal of the site is to connect potential buyers with a dealership who has their desired vehicle or trailer for sale.  

FleetMover offers tools & functionalities not seen in competitor classified sites, making it appealing to its two target markets: buyers and sellers.


Like many of our projects, FleetMover came to us as an idea: What if there was a cars.com for the commercial vehicle space?  The owners of FleetMover needed a company to do the research and determine if launching the a commercial vehicle classified website was a good idea.  If deemed viable, the owners needed a company to develop & launch the site.


We spent 6 months researching the market and developing a proposal which was as in depth as a formal business plan.  With key recruiting, a thoughtfully executed design and an attentiveness to the industry’s pain points, we built FleetMover a web application that was highly attuned to the experience of its’ users; buyers and sellers.

Today, FleetMover is the 9th largest commercial vehicle classified site, next to Ebay Motors.







AWS S3 (cloud storage)

AWS Turk (crowd sourcing)

Google Maps Geocoding (ip to zip code location targeting)

Structured Data (Google SRP integration)

Open Graph (Facebook snippet integration)

iframe widgets (Client Website integration)

Client Inventory Data (RSS, CSV/XML over FTP, etc)

Call Integration (DialogTech)


Distributed server infrastructure with DigitalOcean:
ubuntu 14.04

Version control with BitBucket.org using git


Listing search tools

Location based search result

Dashboard based on user role (admin, dealer, representative, data analyst)

Inventory Management

Responsive design

Phone/Email listing inquiry

Partner marketing campaigns

Saved Search/Saved Listing email campaigns

Daily inventory, inquiry, signup reports

iframe widgets to be embedded on client’s website to integrate inventory and inquiry management

Additional Frameworks Used:

Bootstrap, Jade (HTML template), expressJS, nodeJS, GruntJS, SASS

pip (package management), virtualenv (environment management), pandas (spreadsheet processing), PILLOW (image processing), pygeoip (ip to zip code location targeting), selenium (content acquisition), BeautifulSoup4 (XML/HTML processing)