February StickOutSocial Spotlight


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Straight from sales, Pete Cashen has been chosen as our “StickOutSpotlight” employee this month. We’ve asked him to answer some questions to get to know him and share what he brings to the team.


Q:  What is your position at StickOutSocial?

A:  Sales Executive

Q:  When did you start at StickOutSocial?

A:  September 14th, 2014

Q:  Hometown?

A:  Hinsdale, IL
Q:  Where did you go to college?

A:  University of Kansas, Currently at ASU
Q:  What did you study in college?

A:  Philosophy

Q:  How did you land at StickOutSocial?

A: My dad and my grandpa were involved in sales all their lives, and I knew those were probably the footsteps I would follow. I would say in high school I had aspirations to be either President of the world or involved with sales at a tech company.

Q:  What’s your patronus?

A: Calico Cat

Q:  If your life were a movie, what would the tagline be?

A: Walk, trip, fall, repeat.

Q:  What inspires you?

A: Music and people going above and beyond to help one another. Also, super glue is simply amazing to me.

Q:  What do you like most about what you do at StickOutSocial?

A: The people. Every job comes with its stresses and struggles. Working with people that you love and respect makes all the difference. Except when Hans beats us, which is often.

Q:  Where’s your ‘happy place’?

A: Where’s my happy place?! Where’s your helmet?

Q:  What’s your theme song?

A: Imagine by John Lennon

Q:  Which 3 characters best describe you?

A: Superman, James Bond, and Curly. Mostly Curly

Q:  What do you wish you knew more about?

A: Women. No clue.

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