Being a Web Design Startup in Chicago


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What’s it like?

Well, the journey hasn’t always been an easy one.

Named a Top Chicago Web Designer for 2017 by, we’ve proven that we can hang with the big dogs and hold our own when it comes to web design. From the city’s passion to its supportive roots, Chicago is an ideal spot for tech startups like StickOutSocial to thrive.

With our recent World Series Champions (the Cubs), Chicago is abuzz with excitement and is receiving more attention than ever. From GrubHub to Groupon, Chicago has its fair share of startup success stories. With a diverse community, competitive funding opportunities, and a culture based on scrappy, Midwest ideals, this city is destined to be a startup hub for years. Sure, we enjoy our Summer Fridays and the laid-back vibe around the office, but we also pride ourselves on our talent and how to be really REAL with our clients. 

As a web design company, we’re no stranger to the competition popping up in the Windy City. From agencies to freelancers, more and more designers are making Chicago their home for business. I sat down with our founder, Hans Skillrud, to pick his brain about being a startup and how we stand up to the competition.

#1 Why do you think Chicago is such a great city for smaller startups like StickOutSocial?

There are countless community events that people can attend to gain knowledge and network with others.

#2 What does StickOutSocial offer to clients that sets us apart from other web design companies in the city? 

Our proposals include what you get and what you don’t get with a new website. Proposals that only show what you get leave a lot of unknowns for the client, and can ultimately result in a poor working relationship.

We also follow one universal process for all of our projects. This allows us to grow internally as well as be highly efficient, keeping costs down for our clients.

#3 What do you think is essential for a startup like StickOutSocial to thrive and succeed in Chicago? 

You need to keep your eyes open to what your customers want. Asking a customer what they want is how you identify your exact product offering and run a successful business. Chicago is surrounded with virtually every business in every industry…I guess except ocean fishing…which gives you the ability to go out there and talk to prospects.

#4 Many people have said that Chicago is the next “Silicon Valley” when it comes to tech, especially web services. What are your thoughts on this? 

I think Chicago shows more promise than Silicon Valley. So many people flocked to Silicon Valley to jumpstart their half baked tech-based business ideas. If you think about it, a good tech person can really work anywhere. So moving to Silicon Valley in many ways feels ‘fake’ to me.

Of course, Silicon Valley has produced some MONSTER tech companies, but it also has brought a lot of failures as well. Chicago people have a very hard work ethic and desire to help others. I think Chicago will create more financially successful tech startups. StickOutSocial is a Chicago web design company that has helped numerous tech companies showcase their product offering in a visually appealing marketing brochure website.

#5 If you could change one thing about starting StickOutSocial and the process it took to get to where we are now, what would that be? 

If I could change only one thing about starting SOS, I wish we got to focusing on long-term goals even sooner.

From its culture and support to industry diversity and breathtaking views, Chicago is one hot spot for startups to hit the ground running. With a handful of other web design companies in our bracket, StickOutSocial prides itself on being a Top Web Designer and providing beautiful websites designed for our clients’ needs.

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