2018 Web Design Trends


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2018 has arrived! We surveyed the StickOutSocial office to find out what web design trends are predicted for the year ahead. Let’s see who might be right.

Collin Osgood, Senior Web Developer

  • freeform typography 
  • page transition animations
  • less templated page layouts 

Mike Besenhofer, Web Developer

  • asymmetric layout
  • animated layers
  • gradients
  • contrasting typography

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Kathleen Reilly, Head of Business Development

  • GIFS

Charles Watson, Web and Graphic Designer

  • broken grid layouts

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Hallie Hinkhouse, Head of Operations

  • sans serif fonts

Paige Guinta, Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • custom illustrations

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Brian Dixon, Web and Graphic Designer

  • more unique and engaging photography
  • larger fonts and bolder colors

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