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We give potential customers a reason to visit. We give actual customers a reason to return.


I. Web Design

We build websites that drive customers to your page.

Popular features:
  • Usability on smartphones and iPads
  • Social network integration
  • Sign up area for mobile or email campaigns
  • Easy editing/updating capabilities

We also provide weekly or monthly updating if you hate the idea of having to do it yourself.

We are always open to new projects and challenges, contact us today and your new site will be up in less than two weeks.

II. Mobile/Email Campaigns

When used properly, these two communication channels can deliver customers to your doors almost instantly. We can grow and manage these tools for your business, producing larger returns as your list grows.

III. Social Media

Social networks are an asset. As your list of followers grows with time, you will see larger responses with every post or tweet. StickOutSocial can grow and manage these assets for you.

- Growth

We offer aggressive campaigns to help grow your social presence. Best news is that we come in and do it for you.

Our most popular items include:
  • Monthly photoshoots (Example)
  • Social network cards (Example)
  • Social parties (Example)
  • Facebook ad campaigns

- Management

A large social network means nothing if customers aren't engaged. Our management services deliver content customers want to see.

On a daily basis, we deliver information and updates on:
  • Menu/Specials
  • Upcoming events
  • Televised sports
  • Viral videos
Our goal: Deliver more recurring customers while simplifying your life.

Step 1: MEET

We want to figure out where you're at and where you want to be when it comes to online "stuff". Don't worry, we'll keep it simple and understandable.



Don't know the login to your facebook? Can't find information on your domain? Never had the time to capture high quality photos of your business?

Don't worry, we'll take care of it.



Whether it’s creating a new website or managing everything online for your business, we take care of all of it, letting you get back to focusing in-store.



Ever wanted to know how many people went to your website last month? Or how many people saw your most recent facebook post? We will keep you updated with your business’s online progress.

I. Web Design


II. Mobile Campaigns


III. Social Network GROWTH

social cards

IV. Social Network MANAGEMENT

social networks

About the owner:

During my career at Groupon, I acquired a passion for local business. Never in my life have I seen owners care so much about their customers. This passion drove me to create StickOutSocial. My goal is to give local business owners the ability to stay focused in store without worrying about what’s happening online.

-Hans Skillrud


625 W Madison St. #4812
Chicago, IL 60661

(309) 287-5294

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